War against India

The terrorist groups have waged a war against India. As if the destruction and the internal problems weren’t enough, a group “Indian Mujahidden” pops out of now where, trying to terrorizing the minds of innocent people who are working for the country. There could be a possibility that the Indian Mujahideen attacks be linked to the signing of Nuclear deal and victory of the congress on the trust vote. The surprising fact is that two serial blasts have taken place. One on Bangalore and the other on Ahmedabad and both within a gap of 24 hours. A war against India has begun and such precision attacking of the development centers of modern India could be threatening on the minds of the Indians. They are playing with the psychology this time. Earlier it used to be attack and hide policy by the terrorists but this time they are playing a attack and attack game.
Our intelligence have been outsmarted or to simply say they aren’t smart enough to save such tragic incidents from happening. The security in India is far from satisfactory as it very easy to infiltrate and strike. More over there are groups that are openly challenging the government whereas sonia and manmohan singh are busy over other issues and using all their time and energy in criticizing the opposition in every way possible. I am not saying that L K Advani isgood, he is the worse of them all. In times of crisis he is blaming the center for the attacks. It is just that he has lost his sense of right and wrong, after all old age, what to do. Manmohan Singh is also a victim of it. Sonia Gandhi has his remote. In this politics, who looses, the common man, popularly know as Aam Aadmi by Laaloo prasad yadav. Where was he when this happened, Delivering a proverbial speech or searching such speeches. 31 innocent people lost their lives in two days of terror. More than 200 families were in grief because their loved one had die and countless have been terrorized. It is often said in war that a half dead victim can be more useful than killing him. Same has been done in the twin serial blasts. I just hope are dumb headed low thinking politicians get over their bickering ways and do some good for the people and country.


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