Delhi Serial Blasts

A fine sunny saturday afternoon, people rushing to stores to get a good bargain, some out for a date, some catching up the latest flick and some eagerly awaiting for sunday. Behind all this normal activity is something bad, like the calmness of still water, a snake lies beneath ready to pounce on its prey. There are a group of terrorists planning the finer details of an attack that would kill somebody, handicap somebody and orphan somebody, all in the name of Allah. The time in history then comes when few unlucky people are caught in the wrong place and at the wrong time, to be executed by the so called messiahs of allah. They finally succeded. A series of bombs going off at the busiest hour of the day. The result – 25 dead, a hundred injured and a million terririfed. They’ve achieved what they wanted or what their Allah wanted. Every time they use the name of Allah to carry out such dastardly acts, I feel that, is Allah against peace, or is he against humanity or is he against hindus or, is he simply against Indians. My thoughts may be impulsive and I wish that Allah, if he is truly god and I know he is, gives these inhuman people with their evil interests neither hell nor heaven and they lie somewhere between, feeling the pain of each one of those killed, handicapped and orphaned not once but a million times.I feel for the families of the terrorists, whose parents thoght they’d be proud of their sons, whose sisters wished that one day they’ll get earn, get them gifts and love. And what they do. Take the shield of Allah and harm people they don’t even know, kill peole who want to serve humanity, kill those who wish to make their parents proud and kill those who are the only source of bread for their familes, leaving people with a pain that’ll take a lifetime to cure and will serve no good to anybody because it is against humanity and they sould also realize that their families are also among those who wish to lead a normal peaceful life.


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3 Responses to Delhi Serial Blasts

  1. Pradeep says:

    What is most shocking is the lack of resolve to make our lives secure. One 9/11 and the US learnt a big lesson. But not we, even after many attacks. Very demoralising.

  2. Renjith Nair says:

    The new argument by certain new founded intellectuals,Pseudo Secularists and certain politically (chronic) biased media like CNN-IBN and NDTV India arguing that poverty and opression of minortiy community is the root cause of the Islamic Terrorism.

    Being a fellow citizen of this country,I absoultely rubbish those arguments.It is again just an escapism to put the blame always on Hindu Majority.

    India remains one of the poorest countries in the world today.750 Million people are in utter poverty in this country. Does it mean that all of them are terrorists or they think adapting to terrorism can take away their poverty??

    Look at Pakistan, A purely Islamic nation, today that country is flooded with terrorists and extremists.Bombs are exploded there and human lives are being lost everyday. Is it because of poverty? Is it because of so called “oppression of minority there”? People should think about it.The root cause of this terrorism is Dirty politics being played in respective countries for personal gains by certain section of politicians and religious fundamentalists. Nothing else.

    Pakistan initiated the terrorism for political bargaining and they will end with it because it is now out of any one’s control. “Those who live with Sword would die with it”

    Contradictory, being an Islamic nation Malaysia is a good exemption why because the prosperity in that country and there development and national integrity comes first Not crooked politics.

    Just by comparing Malaysia and Pakistan one could easily differentiate why terrorism sustains and why not. Even being autocratic, in certain GCC (not the whole Middle East) countries, do bomb explodes there??? Is there human lives are lost so freely and intermittently???

    As long as you appease and appease a certain community for political gain this phenomenon will continue. No doubt. India is the best example.

    Implement the UNIFORM CIVIL CODE and treat all citizens equally irrespective of their religion, cast, creed etc. thereby appeasement, vote bank politics, accusations of oppression, suppression etc. will stop, till then it will bleed.

    That day I can say India will be a Superpower.

    Pseudo Secular Congress politicians, comic politicians like Lalu, Paswan, Mulayam etc.(plenty in the list..) and Shabnam Hashmi,Johan Dayal like crooked social activists should stop abusing people of Hindu religion or the so called “Majority”

  3. Lokanath Nayak says:

    every action needs a reaction but we inndians do not react in all actioons to a invidual or group or idology in our nation,in recent years some continious blasts some people reacted like prygyna thakur
    and others which might be wrong but now the blasts weare minimised.
    we and our nation should immidiately prepare a road map to control
    population,identification of all citizens and rule of law for every
    indian forgetting vote bank and politics,deviding the investigating
    agency in two parts 1.invistgation. 2-law an order,
    The investigation must be under judicial administration and must be

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