7 Khoon Maaf Review

Indian music director Vishal Bhardwaj

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7 Khoon Maaf Review

7 Khoon Maaf (Hindi Pronunciation: Saat Khoon Maaf)

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  • Movie Rating: 3.5/5
  • Music Rating: 4/5
  • Script: 3.5/5
  • Acting: 4/5


7 Khoon Maaf is based on Ruskin Bond’s story, Susanna’s Seven Husbands.

7 Khoon Maaf features 7 male leads.

Male Leads (7 husbands)

  1. Naseeruddin Shah (oldest husband)
  2. Neil Nitin Mukesh (youngest husband)
  3. John Abraham
  4. Irrfan Khan
  5. Annu Kapoor
  6. Vivaan Shah (Naseeruddin Shah’s youngest son)
  7. Aleksandr Dyachenko (Russian actor)

Priyanka Chopra will be seen playing a negative character in 7 Khoon Maaf

7 Khoon Maaf was first scheduled for release on 21 January 2011, but has been postponed to release on 18th February 2011.

The movie 7 Khoon Maaf will have its premiere at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

Movie Review

Priyanka Chopra: Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes, a beautiful lass who over the course of thirty-five odd years, gets married seven times due to the untimely and mysterious deaths of half a dozen of her hapless husbands. The strange circumstances of their deaths make Susanna a prime suspect. Enigmatic and irresistibly charming in equal measure – Susanna is the kind of woman any man would die for! Literally! (1)

7 Khoon Maaf is told by a character (Vivaan Shah) who calls Susannah ‘Saheb’. He worked in her home as a servant, tortured by his uncle but ‘Saheb’ made sure he went to school. Since then he developed a fierce loyalty and love for her.

At no point does writer-director Vishal Bhardwaj permit the viewer to blame Susannah (Priyanka Chopra) for any of her crimes; the viewer is to remain consistently sympathetic to her. And the film is so luscious for this reason: the way Bhardwaj makes us root for this semi-villain of a heroine (2).

And while The Police song might have gone on about a slaughtering spree as easy as ABC, Vishal Bhardwaj [ Images ] takes it far too literally and gives us a film so linear, so simplistic in narrative, that it never quite manages to arouse interest. 7 Khoon Maaf may well be about a demented deity with a fetish for husband-killing, but — incredible as it may seem — it is a strikingly boring film.

It starts off promisingly enough, an investigation tray being wheeled into a government forensics lab — the kind of place Bollywood never shows us. An expert opens up the box, looks at pictures of a presumably dead Priyanka, and a tear rolls down his cheek. Most of the rest of the film is photo-album driven flashback, involving him telling her story to his shrill, curious wife.Yet the heartbreak is in watching Bhardwaj, that fantastic master director, make a bloated film that plods sluggishly along, a film that doesn’t connect either emotionally or sensually (3).

Music Review (Hindustan Times)

The soundtrack gets a startling start with the already hit number Darling and it’s an addictive number. The Indian version of traditional Russian folk song Kalinka, Darling instantly strikes a chord with the listeners. The Russian flavour is captivating and makes you shake a leg on the foot-tapping tune. The unusual combination of two singers – Usha Uthup and Rekha Bharadwaj – works well for the song. The mischievous lyrics and the energy in the music makes it a winner all the way (4).


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