Infosys Female techie jumps to death in Hyderabad

Infosys Headquarters in Bangalore. More than 5...

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Is the pressure for work life getting too tough to handle for Indians. In a recent unfortunate event, a 23 year old Infosys employee working with Infosys from 2009 jumped from the top of her work place in hyderabad. Although a suicide note was not found investigations are still going on.

With the growth in economic activity in the last decade, many people have got jobs that pay well and give you a good social status early in life without working too hard for it as was earlier. Such people live what we call is the “High Life”. To cope with the stresses of work place, relationships and personal life they also resort to alcohol, cigarettes and in extreme cases drugs. They have easy money and the accessibility of these things is there to facilitate addiction. Although I am not passing a judgment in this case, it is time when the youth started looking inwards for searching their inner self.

Infosys techie jumps to death in Hyderabad – India – DNA.


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