Godhra Train Burning Results

Godhra Train Burning Episode

Gujarat Riots

A special fast track court convicted 31 accused in Godhra train burning case.

Another 63 people were acquitted in the Godhra train burning conspiracy.

The special fast track court was appointed by Gujarat High Court after orders from the supreme court of India.

The fast track court accepted the pre-planned conspiracy theory in the Godhra Train Burning case.

In 2002, the coach (S-6) of the train Sabarmati Express coming from Bihar (Darbhanga) destined to Gujarat (Ahmedabad) was burned in Godhra (Gujarat) . About 58 people were burned to death, which consists of mostly Hindu Pilgrims.

This event triggered a widespread communal violence in Gujarat that resulted in deaths of about 790 to 2000 Muslims and about 254 Hindus.

In the very first police FIR after the incident, the incident was viewed as an unplanned mob fury.

But, a special investigation team (SIT) of Gujarat state police put forth an argument that the act was pre-planned by a Muslim Group. It was said by the police that they had stockpiled about 140 liters of petrol a day before the attacks had to take place and the very purpose of these attacks was to kill the Kar-Sewaks.

In 2004, Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav appointed Justice U C Banerjee to investigate Godhra incident.The Railways Ministry setup a commission that reported in 2005 that the fire was an accident. The Gujarat high court ruled the formation of this inquiry commission as “illegal” and “unconstitutional”. At present, all the reports of the commission by Railways stand invalid. Moreover, the outcome of this report has been questioned by BJP as politically motivated as its findings coincide with elections.

The judgement was pronounced on 25th February 2011 inside the high-security Sabaramati Jail in front of a camera on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.

The 31 accused have been held guilty on 2 major accounts of criminal conspiracy (Section120B) and Murder(Section 302) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The interesting part of the judgement is that the court has acquitted atleast two of the accused who the police has long maintained as “main conspirators”.

The first Moulana Umarji was alleged to have shouted on the Public Address System of a nearby mosque asking the people of Godhra to rush to the Railway Station and kill the Kar Sewaks on board the Sabarmati Express.

The second, Bilal Hussain Kalota who was then supported by congress was to have been the main person who collected the mob outside the railway station of Godhra for the prime purpose of setting fire the S-6 coach of the Sabarmati Express.

Among those convicted is the owner of the Aman Guest House, Abdul Razzak Kurkur, where a meeting was held the night before the Godhra train burning episode to plan and hatch the entire episode by the conspirators.

via The Hindu : Front Page : 31 convicted, 63 acquitted in Godhra train fire case.


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