2G Scam: Telecom policy sound; Problem is faulty implementation

Manmohan Singh, current prime minister of India.

Dr Manmohan Singh

Opposition charged the government saying that the ministry of finance and telecom were not on the same page on 2G spectrum allocation .

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in his reply appeared to blame A Raja for the faulty implementation of the telecom policy. He said that these problems will now be looked into by the JPC, they are being looked into by the PAC and if there are any criminal aspects, they are looked into by CBI.

ET Reports

Dr Manmohan Singh said he was “categorically” assured by Raja that the policy of first-come first-served was being implemented appropriately. “Subsequent developments suggest that this was not the case.” Singh said the “public impatience” over action against the guilty was understandable but the government must follow the due process of law. “We are making every effort. Those found guilty will be dealt with under law,” he asserted.

The ministry of Finance earlier had different views but they were later narrowed down and sorted with regard to 2G spectrum pricing. Hence there is no reason to question allocation

Telecom policy sound; fault lies in its implementation, says PM – The Economic Times.


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One Response to 2G Scam: Telecom policy sound; Problem is faulty implementation

  1. krishna.patil says:

    i (aam aadami) am very /discourage feel about now continous all scam in our country like as 2g,cwc,landmafia,adarsh in mumbai.etc. not power in hand aam aadami because some durty polititions and shorthanded our kanun system

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