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  • Over one-third of CMOs believe that digital will account for 75% of marketing spend in the next five years.
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  • On average, 60% of a marketers’ time is devoted to digital marketing activities, fuelling demand for digital marketing skills.

Does Sachin Tendulkar deserve a Rajya Sabha seat?

Sachin Tendulkar, Indian cricketer. 4 Test ser...

Sachin Tendulkar(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Has a seat of Rajya Sabha member been wasted because of its allocation to Sachin Tendulkar? If the nation would hear when Sachin will talk, does he really need the platform of Rajya Sabha to talk? And, if Sachin Tendulkar will be actively pursuing cricket, wouldn’t it be great injustice to the Rajya Sabha seat that has been given to him?

Vulgarity of Dispute – Indian Army vs. Govt

Vulgarity is simply the conduct of other people.

~ Oscar Wilde

The skirmishes between the Indian army chief over the age dispute, the bribe issue, then the case of leaked letter over preparedness of Indian army, and now rumors of a coup highlight disgrace at the top. I personally couldn’t have imagined such a poor state of Indian Army, let alone it’s chief, and his disgraceful treatment by our top ministers. To put things straight, we are a successful democracy because we are a free nation. This freedom cannot come without a strong defense mechanism, and our top ministers are simply throwing tons of filth on the person at the helm of affairs of the army. One such example is that of Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav.

Talking about corruption alone, it is not a closed room secret when it comes to defense deals. The noteworthy part however is its confirmation by a serving army chief. Although the timing of the news i.e. 18 months after being offered the bribe does raise some questions once can’t ignore the courage displayed by General V.K. Singh. Things have gotten murkier after a new PIL filed by some former bureaucrats challenging the appointment of Lt General Bikram Singh as the next Army chief.

It seems to me that in three instances i.e. 1) Age of General, 2) Disclosure of offered bribe, and 3) PIL by bureaucrats all point towards preventing Lt General Bikram Singh from becoming the next Army chief. Backing this stand are retired Admiral L Ramdass and former Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalswamy. But if this is true, why is the government opposing these forces?

In any case, the government has dealt with issue in a pitiful manner. I personally never imagined the powerlessness of the army chief and nor did I imagine how little regard our government had for the army.

Vulgarity begins when imagination succumbs to the explicit.

~ Doris Day

Chennai Train Collision

Mamata Banerjee,IMG 0276

A major train collision near Chennai that has taken lives of 9 people (the expected figure to go up) and injuring 9 people. The accident took place when a passenger train was hit from behind by an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train. This is a third major train accident in a span of 2 months. It seems to me that the politics of West Bengal and Prime Ministerial ambitions of our Rail Minister (Mamata Banerjee) has resulted in a neglected Rail ministry. The sorry state of affairs of Rail safety shown in abysmal rail safety record this year is a reflection of “how cheap” is the life of an ordinary man in India.

The other two major disaster’s have been as follows

July 10, 2011 – Kalka Mail derails near Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh killing 70 people and injuring more than 300.

July 07, 2011 – A Mathura Chhapra Express train rams into a bus carrying wedding guests around 2 a.m. at an unmanned railway crossing in Thanagaon, Kanshiram Nagar district, Uttar Pradesh, killing 38 and injuring 30

I just hope this lust for power does not take precedence over safety of passengers.

India’s deepest humiliation

A representation of the Lion Capital of Ashoka...

Image via Wikipedia

I am a proud Indian. From the very first day the world realized that I could listen and speak, the word’s of ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Jana Gana Mana…’ were fed into my ears with religious delight. My parents, teachers, gurus, friends and everyone sang those words of praise for the country and its rich heritage as if they were nurturing their own child. Like a good son, good student and a good friend, I followed the social norms of patriotism. I grew older to learn about partition, corruption, Gandhis, communal riots, swiss banks accounts, black money, indifference towards terrorism, communism, naxalites, bofors, nandigram and a lot more. The same joyous chant over years became a chant of apathy at my own state, and despite the economic progress shown in the last two decades, my feelings towards my country don’t become any stronger. Although optimists may say, I can do my bit towards the country (which I am doing), the leadership, the entire bureaucracy seems hopeless. More than 100 crore were wasted in common wealth games, more than 50,000 crore was the loss in the 2G scam, more than 1500 crore was the loss due to Mayawati’s statue building spree. Can’t this money bloody feed the hungry? Can’t this be used for creating more jobs? Can’t this be used to settle the Maoists? Can’t this be used to provide more security to women? Can’t this be used in giving the goddamn bloody Indian some respect?

We as Indians have been humiliated by the impotence of leadership and the lust of politicians. They have brought to this country nothing more than shame and suffering. Like an average person looking to lead a respectable life, all I have got is tokenism. They show me progress by showing me IPL, they show me progress by showing me more TV channels, they show me progress by building roads. What they don’t realize is that the money of IPL does not come to me, it still revolves with the politicians, the money on TV Channels is still with politicians (Kalaignar TV, 2G scam), and building roads in 2 years that should not take more than 6 months is not helping me in any way. All I get is inconvenience when a politician’s car passes by, manholes in the road and a toll tax to pay (So that’s again from my pocket). Does an impotent politician deserve all that security, when his or her life is adding to shame. India’s deepest hour of humiliation was not when terrorists attacked Mumbai, but it is now when our leaders do nothing about it. Its humiliating because I know god is also blinded and will do nothing to the bad karma they have brought upon this great nation. Their bad karma will have to faced by us in the form of humiliation and disgust till the time an uproar takes place. The impotence of our democracy is right in our faces, the voice of our prime minister is still a rare sound bite, and corruption has seeped in to our blood through the lustful swords of the torchbearers of democracy. Ha! Our Democracy.

This independence day has to be a day of thinking and planning. We need to plant the seed of independence from this humiliation that has been brought upon us like the misfortune resulting from the bad karma of our leadership. They have filled the pure land of India with poisons of corruption, hatred, impotence and greed. Its time to take the path of reverting this karma. The nature of path (peaceful or violent) depends on you vision and karma. Each path will lead to a different outcome, but if the intended outcome is purity of this holy land, you need to work with a noble and selfless intent.

Egypt’s Revolution, Gandhi and Facebook

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and ...

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948)

The Egypt’s revolution shows how a non-violent protest fueled by virtual online communities such as twitter and Facebook can empower the powerless to unite and become a formidable force against a powerful dictatorial regime. Mahatma Gandhi over six decades back used the same non-violence  to unite what is today’s world’s biggest and most successful democracy to freedom. Sunil Khilani on mint writes

An American named Gene Sharp—a guru among non-violent activists, and a lifelong scholar of Gandhi and the Indian freedom movement— was a major source of tactical instruction to Egyptian protesters on how unarmed citizens can take on repressive dictatorships.

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A Raja sent to Tihar Jail in 2G scam


Download the complete report: A Raja sent to Jail

2G Scam India Telecom Update:

  • Former Telecom Minister A Raja has been sent to Delhi’s Tihar Jail till March 3.
  • A Raja will be in judicial custody till March 3 2011 (next 14 days)
  • Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested A Raja on February 2 in connection with 2G spectrum scam.
  • CBI told the court today that Raja was not cooperating with the investigators and so it needed more time to question him.
  • A Raja, the alleged mastermind of the 2G scam, has been accused of selling spectrum at throwaway prices to companies in 2008 when they applied for mobile network licences.
  • On 16th Feb 2011, CBI questioned Raja and Reliance Communication’s Anil Ambani together for an hour.
  • Ambani was reportedly questioned in connection with his company Reliance Communications being looked at as a beneficiary of 2G spectrum licence.
  • The investigating agency is questioning all telecom players that got licences.
  • The key issue the agency wanted to ask Anil Ambani was about Reliance Communications’ investment in Swan Telecom.
  • The CBI also wanted to check if Reliance met all the eligibility norms or if they were favoured by then Telecom Minister A Raja.
  • The promoter of Swan Telecom, Shahid Balwa, was arrested by the CBI last week and has also been questioned.
  • The CBI has accused the A. Raja also the DMK leader of criminal conspiracy.

The Charges by CBI

  • It says that in 2008, when the government was allocating 2G spectrum for mobile phone networks, Raja twisted the rules to benefit a few companies – especially Swan and Unitech.
  • The licences for 2G spectrum were not auctioned as many say they should have been.
  • Raja chose to follow a First-Come-First-Served policy which was set by his predecessors.
  • CBI’s case is based on his office advancing the deadline for payments and informing only some of the players.
  • Companies like Swan and Unitech seemed to have been tipped off to this, because despite the cut-off date being brought forward, they had their payments ready.
  • After winning their licences, Swan and Unitech sold equity to foreign companies much before they began the rollout of their services.
  • The giant profits they made seemed to underscore the point that spectrum had been sold far too cheaply by the government.
  • Swan paid Rs. 1,537 crore and sold 45% stake to Etisalat for a profit of Rs. 4, 730 crore.
  • Unitech paid Rs. 1,661 crore for its licence, and sold 60% stake to Telenor for Rs. 6,200 crore.
  • Together, these two players cost the government Rs. 7, 195 crore, according to the CBI.
  • But both Swan and Unitech have denied these allegations.

NDTV Report: 2G spectrum scam: Former Telecom Minister A Raja sent to Tihar Jail.