High cholesterol, BP can lead to memory loss

Main complications of persistent high blood pr...

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High Cholesterol and High Blood pressure is not only injurious to heart, but it is injurious to head too.

High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure does not only risk middle aged people of heart disease.

It has been shown that the degradation of cognitive parts of people with high cholesterol and higher blood pressure is much higher.

This would lead to less processing power of the brain and less retention i.e. memory loss.

Thus there is mother than one incentive to control the blood pressure and maintain healthy cholesterol levels to not risk memory loss. It is in any way necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your heart and mind healthy and functioning properly.

High cholesterol, BP can lead to memory loss – The Times of India.


Health Ministry on ill effects of mobile

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Ill effetcs of Mobile phone RadiationIn the first of its kind in the history of Indian science and medicine, the health minister A Ramadoss has ordered a test. In a recent study at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), rats were subjected to radiation from mobile phones. They were found to have damaged DNA and a very low sperm count. This were leading reduction in size of testis and infertility. The Union health ministry now wants to find out whether cellphones could have same adverse effects on our health. A study earlier had found out that if cell phones are kept in the pockets of your pants, the infertility levels could be higher. The excessive growth of telecom in India is prompting the medicine industry to investigate into such matters and whether in long term, they could affect the health of people.
This 5 yr study will be conducted by JNU’s School of Environmental Sciences and AIIMS ( neurology, obstetrics and gynaecology,biochemistry)

Featured article : Techreef

Vitamins and Water Heal

A vitamin is an organic compound, which is required as a nutrient in tiny amounts by an organism. They are classified by their biological activity and have diverse biochemical functions. Earlier vitamins were obtained solely through the daily food intake. The changes in in diet could occur during a particular growing season and can alter the types and amounts of vitamins ingested. Human bodies do not store vitamins and hence it is very essential for a person to have a regular intake of vitamins. The Well-known human vitamin deficiencies involve thiamine (beriberi), niacin (pellagra), vitamin C (scurvy) and vitamin D (rickets). These deficiencies are not found in a developed world as there is adequate supply of food. In large doses, some vitamins have documented side effects that tend to be more severe with a larger dosage.

There has been quite an advancement in the recent medicinal facilities. Medical centers in PA have also been quite advanced. Another healing technique, which has been emerging is the concept of water heal. It has been for quite sometime now and has been known to produce very good results. Many people are now moving towards water healing as it is becoming popular due its very basic nature. Water is found in abundance and this basic entity, which keeps us alive heals the body and flushes the diseases without the use of toxic medicines that also produce side-effects.

First online Matrimony portal for HIV positive people

http://www.positivesaathi.com is India’s First online Matrimony portal for HIV positive people.  It is a very novel  idea. Although I have never met or seen a person who is HV+, I would like to promote the website through SPEAK INDIA forum.

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Kidney scam: Tip-off helped kingpin escape

Haryana Police on Sunday said they did not rule out the possibility of the alleged mastermind of the kidney racket, Dr Amit Kumar, having fled the country, taking advantage of the network of some of his foreign clients.

The scam was exposed after a victim registered a police complaint in Moradabad.

Senior Police Officer Manzil Saini has admitted that Dr Kumar got away because someone tipped him off about the police raid.

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What is bird flu?
Bird flu, or avian influenza, is an infectious disease of birds caused by type A strains of the influenza virus. Bird flu epidemics have occurred worldwide. The recent spread of bird flu Bird Fluhas been localised to certain parts of Asia.
Migratory waterfowl – most notably wild ducks – are the natural reservoir of bird flu viruses. It is suspected that infection can spread from wild fowl to domestic poultry, including chickens and turkeys, and then to humans. Live bird markets have also played an important role in the spread of epidemics.The type currently causing concern is the “highly pathogenic” Asian strain of the H5N1 virus. Scientists have discovered four different subtypes of H5N1, and there could well be more. However, all are deadly to birds, and can cause disease – and death – in humans. However, it is important to note that H5N1 is overwhelmingly a disease that affects birds – and not humans.
It is true that humans have been infected, but almost all have been poultry workers who have come into intimate contact with birds. H5N1 cannot pass easily from human to human.
How do humans get bird flu?
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H5N1 back-18000 chickens dead

MUMBAI (Reuters) – The Indian government confirmed on Tuesday that the latest outbreak of bird flu in poultry in the country’s east was of the virulent H5N1 strain.

“The strain is deadly enough to kill the birds,” federal Health Secretary Naresh Dayal told Reuters by phone from New Delhi. “Our teams are already there, now people will be monitored for flu-like symptoms and there will be surveillance.”

More than 18,000 chickens and other poultry have died in and around Margram village in West Bengal state over the last couple of weeks, officials have said.