The first side-effect of Indian Premier League “Harbhajan is obnoxious” – Hayden

Mathew Hayden Harbhajan SinghThe Australia batsman claimed his side are fed up with the complaints about their on-field behaviour from India during the tourists’ trip down under.
On a Brisbane radio show, Hayden called Harbhajan an “obnoxious weed”.
And he also stated he liked the idea of challenging 19-year-old bowler Sharma to “get in the ring” for a fight.
Three India players, including Harbhajan and Sharma, have been found guilty of breaching the player’s code of conduct during a tempestuous tour.

“It’s been a bit of a long battle with Harbhajan. The first time I ever met him he was the same little obnoxious weed that he is now,” stated Hayden.

The BCCI were less than impressed with Hayden’s remarks and immediately protested to Cricket Australia.
“We condemn such comments by the Australian players,” said chief administrative officer Ratnakar Shetty.
“Our secretary has already communicated our feelings to Cricket Australia.
“We’ve advised our players to show restraint but, despite that, if such comments are being made it is really unfair.”

After a lot of drama that took place during the test series, the players are till not ready to accept that leaving peacfully is the best way.
Aggeression is good for the game, but if goes in excess, it spoils the spirit of the game.

Speak India says

This also could be a move by Mathew Hayden to get into the limelight, the way andrew symonds came and fetch a hefty sum of money.
Moreover, IPL has made people like Hayden into Rakhi sawant type character, who can go to any extent for publicity.
This recent comment by Hayden and that by ponting to Ishant sharma is just the first side effect of the IPL show.

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Charges Dropped Against HOGG

Cricket has become a circus. But, the hard news first. Probably, in an effort to ease the tension between the two teams, India has decided to drop charges against Australian left-arm spinner Brad Hogg.A posse of paparazzi waited on the steps of the main entrance to the hotel where the hearing of charges against Hogg was to be held. Hogg had allegedly called Indian captain Anil Kumble and vice-captain Mahendra Dhoni “bastards” on the field during the last test match at Sydney.

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Match referee Mike Proctor, who had delivered the controversial verdict against Harbhajan on January 6, was to preside.

The accused, a local player and former postman, was the first to arrive. Cameramen jostled with each other to capture a few frames of him; their colleagues enthusiastically hurled questions at him – to no avail. He quickly retired to the establishment’s bar, where he awaited being summoned, which he duly was. Read more of this post

Australian jingoists

Here is what the Australian jingoist media had to say on the Ind-Aus cricket controversy

International Cricket Council has wilted under BCCI’s financial clout in removing Steve Bucknor from the next Test in Perth, the Australian media wrote on Tuesday.

India has won a power struggle and the peace that has been brokered by the cricketing powers will not appease everybody, they said.

However, some papers felt the removal of Bucknor was the right outcome.

“India has won an unprecedented power struggle with the International Cricket Council, forcing cricket’s bosses into a number of major concessions to save the strife-torn series against Australia,” The Sydney Morning Herald said.

Speak India says

If the BCCI had not intervened the Australian untamed bunch of brats would have gone scot free. The decision of banning Steve Bucknor has not solved the main issue. The main issue was of racist allegations.The main issue was of the racist allegation made by Andrew Symonds. Harbhajan Singh was banned for 3 tests after a few not so honest australian cricketers (as proved on the field) testified against him. Read more of this post

Racism issue has been sidelined

Bad umpiring had a drastic effect on the outcome on the test match. I believe we could have won the test match, had all the decisions been in our favor. But the loss was certainly our fault. We seem to be too fragile and we crumble easily and quickly. We could have saved the test match.
Even banning steve buckner from the third test has not solved the main issue.The main issue was of the racist allegation made by Symonds. Harbhajan was banned after a few not so honest australian cricketers (as proved on the field) testified against him.This racism allegation is the main issue and just banning steve buckner dosen’t solve the problem.We need a formal apology as the self respect of all Indians is at stake. Cricket is just a game and winning, losing and cheating is a part of it.But the false allegation of racism is wrong and it should be sorted out and unfortunately the outcome has had a major impact rather than core issue of racism.

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ICC gives in, Bucknor removed

ICC gives in, Bucknor removed

ICC chief Malcolm Speed holds a press conference to announce that Steve Bucknor will not officiate in the remaining matches of the India-Australia series.
Lack of belief costing Yuvraj dearly
Canberra: With all the goings-on over the last five days, it seems inconceivable that a Test match of considerable calibre should have taken place.Autopsies of most Test matches are difficult affairs. Some, the cricket-intelligent Shane Warne among them, see little merit in elaborate analysis, preferring “a bit of a chat and moving on”; others choose to dissect rigorously.The autopsy of the second Test, played at the Sydney Cricket Ground, is substantially harder because the battle wasn’t confined to bat and ball. Incompetent umpiring intervened too often for that.

Nevertheless, the contrast in the performances of each side’s number six is striking. Andrew Symonds made a rearguard unbeaten 162 and 61, Yuvraj Singh 12 and 0.

BCCI wants Bhajji ban revoked

Press Trust of India / New Delhi January 08, 2008
Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) today welcomed the removal of umpire Steve Bucknor from India’s third Test against Australia in Perth and vowed to fight the racism slur on Harbhajan Singh.

“We are happy to hear that ICC has removed Bucknor from the third Test. It is a victory for us,” Rajiv Shukla, vice president, BCCI, said today.

India-Australia controversy :Your opinion?

Border-Gavaskar Trophy [Australia won by 122 runs]
Australia Vs India,Sydney Cricket Ground,02-06 JAN 2008

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What happened in the test match was very sad but now a lot is at stake. The self respect of all Indians is at stake. A false allegation has been proved and the innocent person (Harbhajan) has been penalized. Apart from that, this shows that cricket is being played in wrong spirit. Only to win 16 test matches in the row, the Australian captain Ricky Ponting cheated.

What do you think should be done. Should the Australian captain Ricky Ponting be banned/penalized. What should be done to the umpires.

The Crumble Begins

The Indian fight begins as India has a mammoth uphill task of scoring 499 runs with two days left. India can save this match only by winning it. The option of a draw test match seems distant as in that case the weather gods would have the pivotal role.


India will loose the first test match

But India will go on to win the next two and clinch series

Remember that when Steve Waugh came ,  India were in a similar situation and Australia too were in a similar situation after consecutively winning about 16 tests. The only difference is that this time we are playing in Australia.