Tihar Jail Launches Facebook Page

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Tihar Jail Launches Facebook Page

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The Tihar Jail, India’s biggest jail went social and launched its very own Facebook Page. The Tihar Jail is the largest complex of prisons in South Asia.

The page ID on the website is Central Jail Tihar. Read more of this post


Delhi Election Results 2008

Shocked! Zor ka jhatka Zor se lagaa.

As if someone came from behind and burned their hopes of a victory in Delhi. Delhi’s election result has shocked me after congress getting a clear majority is all set for a third tenure, with the old lady Sheila Dixit, ready for a hatrick tenure. The mock polls held at my website and my prediction has actually gone thoroughly wrong.

Sheila Dixit smiling, BJP will have to rethink its strategy

Sheila Dixit smiling, BJP will have to rethink its strategy

Delhi Blasts : The complete story

The 2008 Delhi bombings were a series of five synchronized bomb blasts that took place within a span of few minutes on September 13, 2008 at various locations in Delhi, India. The first bomb exploded at 6:10 pm IST (1240 UTC), and four other blasts followed in succession,1 with at least 30 people killed and over 100 injured.

Three bomb attacks had already occurred the same year in India. The first of these was on 13 May in Jaipur. The series of nine blasts over a span of 15 minutes claimed 63 lives, and injured 216. The second series of nine bomb blasts took place on 25 July in Bangalore, and claimed 2 lives, while injuring 20.5 The next day, on 26 July in Ahmedabad, a spurt of 21 blasts killed 56 people and injured over 200. Read more>>

Delhi Serial Blasts

A fine sunny saturday afternoon, people rushing to stores to get a good bargain, some out for a date, some catching up the latest flick and some eagerly awaiting for sunday. Behind all this normal activity is something bad, like the calmness of still water, a snake lies beneath ready to pounce on its prey. There are a group of terrorists planning the finer details of an attack that would kill somebody, handicap somebody and orphan somebody, all in the name of Allah. The time in history then comes when few unlucky people are caught in the wrong place and at the wrong time, to be executed by the so called messiahs of allah. They finally succeded. A series of bombs going off at the busiest hour of the day. The result – 25 dead, a hundred injured and a million terririfed. They’ve achieved what they wanted or what their Allah wanted. Every time they use the name of Allah to carry out such dastardly acts, I feel that, is Allah against peace, or is he against humanity or is he against hindus or, is he simply against Indians. My thoughts may be impulsive and I wish that Allah, if he is truly god and I know he is, gives these inhuman people with their evil interests neither hell nor heaven and they lie somewhere between, feeling the pain of each one of those killed, handicapped and orphaned not once but a million times.I feel for the families of the terrorists, whose parents thoght they’d be proud of their sons, whose sisters wished that one day they’ll get earn, get them gifts and love. And what they do. Take the shield of Allah and harm people they don’t even know, kill peole who want to serve humanity, kill those who wish to make their parents proud and kill those who are the only source of bread for their familes, leaving people with a pain that’ll take a lifetime to cure and will serve no good to anybody because it is against humanity and they sould also realize that their families are also among those who wish to lead a normal peaceful life.

Supratim Dutta : How it happened

How it happened

Supratim Dutta : How it happened

1Dutta Supratim 23
…was on his way to work at HCL in Gurgaon in an office cab. The driver was allegedly speeding and according to the victim’s family, he fell asleep at the wheels

2U As -turn the car near approached Ghitorni on a MG Road, it hit a Metro barricade at full speed. Eyewitnesses said construction material was lying on the road at the spot 3angle A five- from foot-long the construc iron – tion site rammed into the
bonnet of the car, pierced
the dashboard and impaled
Supratim, sitting in front,
through his torso

BRT corridor mess up in Delhi

The BRT corridor has gone bust. Yes, that’s the resounding message from two days of chaotic trials on the Ambedkar Nagar-Moolchand stretch. What else can explain the decision of a panicky government to let in taxis and autos into the corridor dedicated to buses! If the BRT architects are willing to jettison lane segregation, then the corridor – on which about Rs 100 crore has already been spent – is as good as dead. All that remains is for the government to send in crews to dismantle it so that Delhiites can heave a sigh of relief.
The patrons of the IIT-Delhi department behind the BRT concept include bus manufacturing majors Volvo and Tatas. Ford owns the Volvo brand and is one of the biggest bus manufacturing companies in the world. TRIPP’s patrons also include Telco (now called Tata Motors), a major supplier of buses. Tatas are the only suppliers of low-floor buses in Delhi at present, having bagged the order for the first lot of 500 buses to be supplied to Delhi Transport Corporation. While Ford has funded a chair for the programme, both Telco and VERF have given grants.

The corporate affiliation of TRIPP is no secret. It is prominently displayed on its website but despite it not being classified information, the apparent ignorance of the city government and officials is puzzling. While TRIPP is free to source its financial backing from the industry, its role in a project which specifically promotes buses as a mode of public transport can raise conflict of interest issues, all the more as the BRT backers have strenuously run down the Metro.

“DTC be handed over to DMRC”

By Mr Ramdas Iyer

Mr Ramdas Iyer shared his thoughts on the blueline menace and I found his solution very comprehensive and feasible. what are your opinions.

Here is what he had to say

I suggest strongly that the DTC be handed over to DMRC. Give enough funds to DMRC so that Metro becomes the primary transport system in Delhi. Ban Blueline and other chartered services and their foul mouthed and illiterate drivers and conducters. . Expand DMRC so as to touch every corner of Delhi. Every single home in Delhi should be within a five minute walking distance of a well maintained feeder service to the Delhi Metro or the Metro itself. Let Delhi Metro tie up with banks so that credit/debit cards can be used to buy integrated tickets for feeder services and Metro. HCBS also should be handed over to Delhi Metro. And for God’s sake do not put Delhi Metro under the Delhi Government. Let the Union Ministry for Surface Transport/Railways handle DMRC (providing this ministry isnt handled by DMK, RJD or such other sundry parties run by idiotic megalomaniacs). Ban new registration of cars and set up toll booths which collect heavy toll taxes from car drivers every 500 meters. Encourage car pooling. Make travelling alone by in a car punishable with a very heavy fine or even imprisonment so that people who use cars will be forced to offer lifts to people at a cost. Prevent parking on public places like roads by charging prohibitive fees for parking like a thousand rupees per hour.