Delhi Blasts : The complete story

The 2008 Delhi bombings were a series of five synchronized bomb blasts that took place within a span of few minutes on September 13, 2008 at various locations in Delhi, India. The first bomb exploded at 6:10 pm IST (1240 UTC), and four other blasts followed in succession,1 with at least 30 people killed and over 100 injured.

Three bomb attacks had already occurred the same year in India. The first of these was on 13 May in Jaipur. The series of nine blasts over a span of 15 minutes claimed 63 lives, and injured 216. The second series of nine bomb blasts took place on 25 July in Bangalore, and claimed 2 lives, while injuring 20.5 The next day, on 26 July in Ahmedabad, a spurt of 21 blasts killed 56 people and injured over 200. Read more>>


Delhi Serial Blasts

A fine sunny saturday afternoon, people rushing to stores to get a good bargain, some out for a date, some catching up the latest flick and some eagerly awaiting for sunday. Behind all this normal activity is something bad, like the calmness of still water, a snake lies beneath ready to pounce on its prey. There are a group of terrorists planning the finer details of an attack that would kill somebody, handicap somebody and orphan somebody, all in the name of Allah. The time in history then comes when few unlucky people are caught in the wrong place and at the wrong time, to be executed by the so called messiahs of allah. They finally succeded. A series of bombs going off at the busiest hour of the day. The result – 25 dead, a hundred injured and a million terririfed. They’ve achieved what they wanted or what their Allah wanted. Every time they use the name of Allah to carry out such dastardly acts, I feel that, is Allah against peace, or is he against humanity or is he against hindus or, is he simply against Indians. My thoughts may be impulsive and I wish that Allah, if he is truly god and I know he is, gives these inhuman people with their evil interests neither hell nor heaven and they lie somewhere between, feeling the pain of each one of those killed, handicapped and orphaned not once but a million times.I feel for the families of the terrorists, whose parents thoght they’d be proud of their sons, whose sisters wished that one day they’ll get earn, get them gifts and love. And what they do. Take the shield of Allah and harm people they don’t even know, kill peole who want to serve humanity, kill those who wish to make their parents proud and kill those who are the only source of bread for their familes, leaving people with a pain that’ll take a lifetime to cure and will serve no good to anybody because it is against humanity and they sould also realize that their families are also among those who wish to lead a normal peaceful life.

Ahmedabad bomb blasts video

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Terrorists are targetting BJP ruled states

The deadly serial bomb blasts on consecutive days in Bangalore and Ahmedabad have shown that the terrorists are confident of striking at will. But what’s the message they are trying to send?

Strategic analysis expert B Raman says that the blasts seem to be directed against the BJP-ruled states.

“The next series of blasts could possibly be carried out in Madhya Pradesh. It is no coincidence that SIMI cadres were arrested in Indore and Ujjain recently,” he says. Earlier blasts this year were carried out in Rajasthan and Karnataka, both BJP-ruled states.

Five minutes before Saturday’s blasts, a television channel received an email from a terror group claiming to be Indian Mujahideen.

In the past one year, this group has owned responsibility for several other strikes. They seem to nurse a grudge against the country’s criminal justice system.

“The innocent Muslims arrested in the (Mumbai) bomb blast case are being tried for years and years,” it says. There is no reference to Kashmir in the email. Read more of this post

Ahmedabad Blasts : 38 killed as death toll rises

AHMEDABAD: The toll in the serial blasts that rocked the city climbed to 38 on Sunday and is expected to rise further, police said.
Apart from the 38 dead, 90 people were injured in the coordinated blasts on Saturday in various places here including two hospitals, they said, adding that the toll is expected to rise.

The injured are admitted in several hospitals including Vadilal Sarabhai Hospital, Civil Hospital and LG Hospital.

Terrorists triggered 16 serial blasts in a span of 60 to 70 minutes on Saturday evening in crowded market areas of the city leaving at least 38 dead and over 90 injured.

The areas where the blasts occurred were at Maninagar, Isanpur, Narol circle, Bapunagar, Hatkeshwar, Sarangpur bridge, Sarkhej, Odhav, Sardar Patel market, Civil hospital, Juhapura, Ambur tower building, Raipur and Gowribhadi.

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Mukesh Ambani on target: Terror group

Terror outfit says we did it, promises to target Mukesh Ambani, politicians

New Delhi, July 26 (IANS) A little known terror outfit, Indian Mujahideen, claimed to have taken “revenge of Gujarat in the land of Hind” by orchestrating multiple serial blasts in Ahmedabad Saturday that claimed at least 14 lives and left more than 70 injured, and vowed to target industrialist Mukesh Ambani, and Maharashtra politicians Vilasrao Deshmukh and R.R. Patil in the future.

In a 14-page e-mail sent to select television channels titled “The Rise of Jihad, revenge of Gujarat”, the Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the serial blasts in Gujarat’s main city.

“You agitated our sentiments and disturbed us by arresting, imprisoning, and torturing our brothers in the name of SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) and the other outfits in Indore, Ujjain, Mumbai, and in other cities of Karnataka. Read more of this post

War against India

The terrorist groups have waged a war against India. As if the destruction and the internal problems weren’t enough, a group “Indian Mujahidden” pops out of now where, trying to terrorizing the minds of innocent people who are working for the country. There could be a possibility that the Indian Mujahideen attacks be linked to the signing of Nuclear deal and victory of the congress on the trust vote. The surprising fact is that two serial blasts have taken place. One on Bangalore and the other on Ahmedabad and both within a gap of 24 hours. A war against India has begun and such precision attacking of the development centers of modern India could be threatening on the minds of the Indians. They are playing with the psychology this time. Earlier it used to be attack and hide policy by the terrorists but this time they are playing a attack and attack game.
Our intelligence have been outsmarted or to simply say they aren’t smart enough to save such tragic incidents from happening. The security in India is far from satisfactory as it very easy to infiltrate and strike. More over there are groups that are openly challenging the government whereas sonia and manmohan singh are busy over other issues and using all their time and energy in criticizing the opposition in every way possible. I am not saying that L K Advani isgood, he is the worse of them all. In times of crisis he is blaming the center for the attacks. It is just that he has lost his sense of right and wrong, after all old age, what to do. Manmohan Singh is also a victim of it. Sonia Gandhi has his remote. In this politics, who looses, the common man, popularly know as Aam Aadmi by Laaloo prasad yadav. Where was he when this happened, Delivering a proverbial speech or searching such speeches. 31 innocent people lost their lives in two days of terror. More than 200 families were in grief because their loved one had die and countless have been terrorized. It is often said in war that a half dead victim can be more useful than killing him. Same has been done in the twin serial blasts. I just hope are dumb headed low thinking politicians get over their bickering ways and do some good for the people and country.