India’s deepest humiliation

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I am a proud Indian. From the very first day the world realized that I could listen and speak, the word’s of ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Jana Gana Mana…’ were fed into my ears with religious delight. My parents, teachers, gurus, friends and everyone sang those words of praise for the country and its rich heritage as if they were nurturing their own child. Like a good son, good student and a good friend, I followed the social norms of patriotism. I grew older to learn about partition, corruption, Gandhis, communal riots, swiss banks accounts, black money, indifference towards terrorism, communism, naxalites, bofors, nandigram and a lot more. The same joyous chant over years became a chant of apathy at my own state, and despite the economic progress shown in the last two decades, my feelings towards my country don’t become any stronger. Although optimists may say, I can do my bit towards the country (which I am doing), the leadership, the entire bureaucracy seems hopeless. More than 100 crore were wasted in common wealth games, more than 50,000 crore was the loss in the 2G scam, more than 1500 crore was the loss due to Mayawati’s statue building spree. Can’t this money bloody feed the hungry? Can’t this be used for creating more jobs? Can’t this be used to settle the Maoists? Can’t this be used to provide more security to women? Can’t this be used in giving the goddamn bloody Indian some respect?

We as Indians have been humiliated by the impotence of leadership and the lust of politicians. They have brought to this country nothing more than shame and suffering. Like an average person looking to lead a respectable life, all I have got is tokenism. They show me progress by showing me IPL, they show me progress by showing me more TV channels, they show me progress by building roads. What they don’t realize is that the money of IPL does not come to me, it still revolves with the politicians, the money on TV Channels is still with politicians (Kalaignar TV, 2G scam), and building roads in 2 years that should not take more than 6 months is not helping me in any way. All I get is inconvenience when a politician’s car passes by, manholes in the road and a toll tax to pay (So that’s again from my pocket). Does an impotent politician deserve all that security, when his or her life is adding to shame. India’s deepest hour of humiliation was not when terrorists attacked Mumbai, but it is now when our leaders do nothing about it. Its humiliating because I know god is also blinded and will do nothing to the bad karma they have brought upon this great nation. Their bad karma will have to faced by us in the form of humiliation and disgust till the time an uproar takes place. The impotence of our democracy is right in our faces, the voice of our prime minister is still a rare sound bite, and corruption has seeped in to our blood through the lustful swords of the torchbearers of democracy. Ha! Our Democracy.

This independence day has to be a day of thinking and planning. We need to plant the seed of independence from this humiliation that has been brought upon us like the misfortune resulting from the bad karma of our leadership. They have filled the pure land of India with poisons of corruption, hatred, impotence and greed. Its time to take the path of reverting this karma. The nature of path (peaceful or violent) depends on you vision and karma. Each path will lead to a different outcome, but if the intended outcome is purity of this holy land, you need to work with a noble and selfless intent.


Delhi Election Results 2008

Shocked! Zor ka jhatka Zor se lagaa.

As if someone came from behind and burned their hopes of a victory in Delhi. Delhi’s election result has shocked me after congress getting a clear majority is all set for a third tenure, with the old lady Sheila Dixit, ready for a hatrick tenure. The mock polls held at my website and my prediction has actually gone thoroughly wrong.

Sheila Dixit smiling, BJP will have to rethink its strategy

Sheila Dixit smiling, BJP will have to rethink its strategy

US praises India on Nuclear Pact

Manmohan Singh was “very confident” about the agreement’s prospects when he met with US President George W Bush on 8th July on the sidelines of the G-8 summit in Japan, spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters.

“Obviously, the politics in India have been tough to deal with, but he’s been soldiering on and trying to build a consensus,” Perino said.

“It will be up to their congress to make a decision as to if they’re going to move forward or not with what we think is a really good opportunity for India” in the face of energy-hungry economic growth, said Perino, ahead of the trust vote in the Indian Parliament.

“There’s more support here than there at this time, but I know prime minister Singh has been working on it and he felt very confident” about the deal when he and Bush met in Toyako, Japan, said the spokeswoman.

The deal allows India, which refuses to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to be treated as a special case on condition it separates its civil and military programmes and allows some UN inspections. Read more of this post

Nuclear Deal result: Govt win by 19 votes

The trust vote has been won by the government showing the nation that power politics is still in the hands of congress.

Votes in favour of government : 275

Votes against the government : 259


The Manmohan Singh led govt has shown that winning is more important than the method used to reach there. You beg, buy or steal, the ultimate result is that the nuclear deal is going to happen, which I feel will do a lot good to the nation. This trust vote has also shown us that India is up for sale as its MPs can be traded. You just need to quote the right price and thats what congress did effectively.

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Aaja Nachle controversy

aaja nachle,madhuriIt was something that was totally unexpected and uncalled for. Madhuri’s much awaited comeback film, Aaja Nachle has run into problems big time, so much so that the whole of Uttar Pradesh is up in arms against this film and is in no mood to see it. At the helm of things is none other than the Chief Minister of UP Mayawati, who has called for a ban on the film, Aaja Nachle in Uttar Pradesh. The reason of the ban is being cited as certain caste-demeaning remarks in the title track of the film. Read more of this post