Why was Rahat Fateh Ali Khan detained ?

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Rahat and his entire 16-member troupe were  on their way to Lahore via Dubai.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and his manager were to board a Dubai flight when the sleuths of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence detained them at Indira Gandhi International Airport on February 13

They were carrying an undeclared amount of USD 1.24 lakh (nearly Rs 60 lakh) and some other instruments too in foreign currency

As per norms, no one can carry beyond $5,000 in cash & $5,000 in other instruments.

If a person is carrying more than this amount he/she has to declare the amount to the Customs Department.

On 17th Feb, 2011, the DRI questioned Rahat and Maroof about the money recovered and their payments from their shows in India. Rahat was quizzed by DRI officials for 10 hours on Thursday.

Finally, Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Maroff (his manager) have been slapped a penalty of Rs 15 lakh each.

This is in connection with recovery of huge amount of foreign currency from them which currently stands confiscated with the DRI

Rahat Ali, manager slapped with Rs 15 lakh penalty each – Hindustan Times.


Bomb Blasts in Pakistan : Terror kills all

Terror spares nobody, is what the blasts in Islamabad at the J W Marriott have shown to the world. It does not depend whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim, an Indian or a Pakistan national, till the time someone supports it, it’ll stay. It was India first, now it is Pakistan. There were a lot of Pakistani bloggers who said, “Long live Indian Mujahideen”, now at-least they know; there is no glory to it. It is only an agonizing pain, which will last for a last time. The bomb that has claimed lives of over 40 people till now is believed to have made a 20 feet crater. My commiserations to the families of all those who’ve lost a member and to those who’ve been injured by the explosion. The pain and agony is like that felt by king Lear in Shakespeare‘s play, when he is shown the door by his two daughters. Similar is the story of two nations, who are alike, still enemies, still fighting, lost causes, lost in the storm of ego, power and arrogance. There is a greater enemy, destroying both of us from within, weakening the spirit of both that once fought a single cause, that of freedom from the British Raj.

Obama vs McCain in Afghanistan

Afghanistan must become “the central front” in the war on terror, Barack Obama said Sunday in the Afghan capital, sharpening his policy clash with John McCain over whether the war in Iraq has been a distraction from that effort.

Obama has pledged to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan and to focus more on terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan.

“We have to understand that the situation is precarious and urgent, and I believe this has to be the central focus, the central front, in the battle against terrorism,” Obama said in an interview with CBS News.

In a nearly two-hour lunch with President Hamid Karzai and other top Afghan officials, Obama “conveyed that he is committed to supporting Afghanistan and to continuing the war against terrorism with vigor,” said Karzai’s spokesman, Homayun Hamidzada, who did not comment directly on Obama’s proposed strategy in Afghanistan. Read more of this post

Pakistan firing at LOC, violated cease fire agreement

Islamabad (PTI): India on Tuesday voiced its concerns over several incidents of firing by Pakistani troops along the Line of Control, following which Islamabad gave an assurance that it is committed to maintaining the ceasefire along the frontiers in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Both sides made it clear that they attach great importance to the ceasefire and they want to make it hold,” Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon said after talks with his Pakistani counterpart Salman Bashir.

India has been concerned by the recent incidents of firing on its soldiers from across the LoC. There have been three such incidents since May 8, and an Indian soldier was killed in trans-LoC firing on Monday.

The Pakistan Army has denied its troops had fired on the Indian forces.

The matter was taken up at the meeting here on Tuesday between Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan to review the composite dialogue process.

Menon said the matter had also been taken up by the Directors General of Military Operations of the two countries and both sides are committed to maintaining the ceasefire which came into force in November 2003.

Top Car: Hyundai i10:Rating and reviews


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Pakistan govts’ flip flopping statements

Many are wondering why the Pakistan government continues to stick to its story that Benazir died after hitting her head against her car’s sunroof, but despite clear video evidence Islamabad is sticking to its guns.It has conceded though that the spokesman who explained how she allegedly died is an army man, who used language that he shouldn’t have.A day after a video was released showing how Bhutto was killed, the Pakistan government insists she was killed when she hit the car while ducking bullets. Read more of this post

Bhutto was planning to expose vote rigging plans: Aides

On the day she was assassinated, former Pakistan Premier Benazir Bhutto was scheduled to meet two senior US lawmakers to hand over a dossier accusing the ISI and Election Commission officials of rigging the upcoming parliamentary polls, her party officials said here on Tuesday.Faratullah Babar, a spokesman of Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), said she was planning to hand over the dossier to Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Patrick Kennedy, a member of US House of Representatives from Rhode Island, on the evening of December 27, the day she was murdered.
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