Bomb Blasts in Pakistan : Terror kills all

Terror spares nobody, is what the blasts in Islamabad at the J W Marriott have shown to the world. It does not depend whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim, an Indian or a Pakistan national, till the time someone supports it, it’ll stay. It was India first, now it is Pakistan. There were a lot of Pakistani bloggers who said, “Long live Indian Mujahideen”, now at-least they know; there is no glory to it. It is only an agonizing pain, which will last for a last time. The bomb that has claimed lives of over 40 people till now is believed to have made a 20 feet crater. My commiserations to the families of all those who’ve lost a member and to those who’ve been injured by the explosion. The pain and agony is like that felt by king Lear in Shakespeare‘s play, when he is shown the door by his two daughters. Similar is the story of two nations, who are alike, still enemies, still fighting, lost causes, lost in the storm of ego, power and arrogance. There is a greater enemy, destroying both of us from within, weakening the spirit of both that once fought a single cause, that of freedom from the British Raj.


Delhi Blasts : The complete story

The 2008 Delhi bombings were a series of five synchronized bomb blasts that took place within a span of few minutes on September 13, 2008 at various locations in Delhi, India. The first bomb exploded at 6:10 pm IST (1240 UTC), and four other blasts followed in succession,1 with at least 30 people killed and over 100 injured.

Three bomb attacks had already occurred the same year in India. The first of these was on 13 May in Jaipur. The series of nine blasts over a span of 15 minutes claimed 63 lives, and injured 216. The second series of nine bomb blasts took place on 25 July in Bangalore, and claimed 2 lives, while injuring 20.5 The next day, on 26 July in Ahmedabad, a spurt of 21 blasts killed 56 people and injured over 200. Read more>>

Delhi Serial Blasts

A fine sunny saturday afternoon, people rushing to stores to get a good bargain, some out for a date, some catching up the latest flick and some eagerly awaiting for sunday. Behind all this normal activity is something bad, like the calmness of still water, a snake lies beneath ready to pounce on its prey. There are a group of terrorists planning the finer details of an attack that would kill somebody, handicap somebody and orphan somebody, all in the name of Allah. The time in history then comes when few unlucky people are caught in the wrong place and at the wrong time, to be executed by the so called messiahs of allah. They finally succeded. A series of bombs going off at the busiest hour of the day. The result – 25 dead, a hundred injured and a million terririfed. They’ve achieved what they wanted or what their Allah wanted. Every time they use the name of Allah to carry out such dastardly acts, I feel that, is Allah against peace, or is he against humanity or is he against hindus or, is he simply against Indians. My thoughts may be impulsive and I wish that Allah, if he is truly god and I know he is, gives these inhuman people with their evil interests neither hell nor heaven and they lie somewhere between, feeling the pain of each one of those killed, handicapped and orphaned not once but a million times.I feel for the families of the terrorists, whose parents thoght they’d be proud of their sons, whose sisters wished that one day they’ll get earn, get them gifts and love. And what they do. Take the shield of Allah and harm people they don’t even know, kill peole who want to serve humanity, kill those who wish to make their parents proud and kill those who are the only source of bread for their familes, leaving people with a pain that’ll take a lifetime to cure and will serve no good to anybody because it is against humanity and they sould also realize that their families are also among those who wish to lead a normal peaceful life.

Jammu and Kashmir Divided

In this post I’d like to express my concern over the fact that India may loose its oneness and may be divided because of the vested interests of politicians involved in this violent uprising against the wrong issues (communal) . This uprising may have been ignited by the Amarnath shrine land, but the main cause of it has been different. The differences are between the people of Jammu and those of Kashmir. These differences have grown into a full fledged poisonous tree that is now threatening to destroy its own roots. The people of Jammu resentfully feel that Kashmir has been pampered for the last 60 years, no denial of that fact. The fact that educated people, not persuaded by political parties have joined the agitation itself proves this. On the contrary, the highway blockade by VHP activists has sharpened the perception that Kashmiris (Muslims) are persecuted in India (dominated by Hindus). This agitation had nothing to do with hindus or muslims, but this case has become critical since the density of Hindus is more in Jammu and the same is with Muslims in Kashmir.
I recently was a spectator to a debate between a resident of Jammu and a kashmiri. The debate was centered around the agitation in Jammu and had begun from the violence by the army. The Jammu resident was unhappy with the over pampering of Kashmir. She said that Kashmir has been the center of growth and development.

More funds are allocated to Kashmir than to Jammu and hence the growth has been slow. There are few colleges in jammu and most colleges in kashmir have more quota for Kashmiri people. Most politicians in kashmir have built sprawling bunglows in jammu on illegal forest land and they come there to stay, when its snowing in the valley. So when it came to amarnath land there was no need for the land to be taken. The Kashmiri resident argued that there were more number of people in Kashmir and almost equal funds had been allocated to jammu, mentioning that there were almost 7 flyovers in jammu as compared to 1 in Kashmir. When this debate was going on I was just thinking that why has this become communal and why hurriyat and BJP are in the midst fuelling agitation and protests in J&K. This is the only thing stopping a civil war. The agitation and protests have been concentrated on economic effects.

The media has also been biased and has only focussed on issues pertaining to a single side. Media plays a vital role in influencing the thoughts of people and if it is biased or corrupted then it adds fuel to the fire. It could although give them good sales but it is simply ruining J&K, already heading towards anarchy. One such website I’d like to mention is . The website has shown has portrayed kashmiris as victims and all others as cruel. The fact is that we all are victims here. Things such as Muzaffarabad Chalo could only give the anti social terror elements a chance to sneak in militants into India and they could kill innocents.
The situation could be like what it was in 1947 if muslims were made to flee from jammu, giving the BJP an electoral advantage.
The possibility of a bloody civil war is quite there as J&K has a lot of village self defense committees armed with automatic rifles. These committees are largely Hindu. In the hilly terrain, a civil war could would mean catastrophy.

The only solution to this situation is that one side needs to compromise. The political parties have their own vested interests. BJP might have gained good political ground from this agitation. We need to sort out our differences and stay with peace. Somebody will have to compromise. We have seen so many communal riots and seen thousands of people die as a result of that. But we are still fighting, not realizing that this situation could get communal soon. There are lakhs of people at the Amarnath yatra. As a resident of J&K you might criticize me. You might say that how can I, who may have never stayed in J&K could say this so easily. You are right, but the solution of this problem is only in compromising. About 21 people have died so far because of the firing by the army and CRPF. You may hate the army, but please don’t support the terrorists either. Supporting them has allowed them to survive. Naxalites have also survived in a similar way. The right path is long and bumpy and does not look easy, but it always leads you to the right place.

Who is taking a sabbatical? Not you and me.

By Puneet Rajhans

The security apparatus may be singed by a series of attacks taking place now and then. So for it to take a break literally translates to asking for the moon. Things look no different in other territories as well. For you and me taking a sabbatical is easier said than done. Not because the superior would play truant but the grind/grill we would be subjected to would be enough to cut short the momentum.
As years pass on, the tribe of people who would prefer and have the option to take a sabbatical would increasing get reduced. Not necessarily for the nature of work they are blessed with, but with the alarming frankness – increasing in frequency – they would be told to be on their toes. Not just cops, the paraphernalia of security structure, the roadside vendor here or a car dealer there. Each and every soul/institution is a sought-after target for the enemy yet to be identified.
A roadside vendor selling his wares, with the crowd jostling and pushing each other to get nearer to him is itself a prompt invitation to a dutiful demon to get on with his job. Or a car bomb ripping apart the conscience of the entire state/country demonstrates how effectively they have captured the imagination of the public at large. So as a posse of policemen swamping the city streets here or vast swathes of countryside/city promising tales of progress there, the arrogance of the culprit can’t be lost. He is out not to let you have a smooth run – in fact the sabbatical posturing would have to wait..
An outspoken leader and a persuasive concern that ensures a comforting environ may give you a break but for the increasing aspirational flock, the break could be an intermittent delay in getting back to the work but none to save you from the worries of when you would get knocked down. This tale of uncertainty visits us every other month.
A political leader that has taken to the hustings triumphantly may well see a reason to take a breather. But the moment he steps out and moves, equally true is the danger of being mowed down by those who were offended by his speech of exclusivity and even for some the promise of governance didn’t go down well. Because if there are those who take governance to brim with a level of confidence, there are equally strong numbers who would like to see the opposite. Not just look to the terror threats that are raised against the state’s legitimacy to rule (Punjab and J&K), there are threats lurking around for the sheer fact that getting terror a new lease of life is their mantra.
Have we come across media bouncers lie low for a moment? None. Reams of newsprint debate the highs and lows of terror tides. But that is all ephemeral. They all go silent the moment an incident (trivial to say the least) takes centrestage. The trajectory on which we should be working should evolve with the fact that since the terror is increasingly getting a dose of permanency, the constituents including the man on the street, has to be on the guard. All by himself. No amount of sabbatical-taking would do here.
Guns fall silent and then boom on borders precipitated by forces along the LoC. The break here may be tantalizing sweet, but a break against terror outfits would be preposterous and sacrilege.
On a lighter note, as this message begins to drive home, comes this piece of news that LS Speaker has decided to take a sabbatical for good to save himself from the onslaught of the Left. He needs a break and we should cheer him up.

Puneet Rajhans


This story has been submitted by Puneet Rajhans, who is an active contributor on Speak India Blog. Be an active Indian and send your story.

Ahmedabad bomb blasts video

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Terrorists are targetting BJP ruled states

The deadly serial bomb blasts on consecutive days in Bangalore and Ahmedabad have shown that the terrorists are confident of striking at will. But what’s the message they are trying to send?

Strategic analysis expert B Raman says that the blasts seem to be directed against the BJP-ruled states.

“The next series of blasts could possibly be carried out in Madhya Pradesh. It is no coincidence that SIMI cadres were arrested in Indore and Ujjain recently,” he says. Earlier blasts this year were carried out in Rajasthan and Karnataka, both BJP-ruled states.

Five minutes before Saturday’s blasts, a television channel received an email from a terror group claiming to be Indian Mujahideen.

In the past one year, this group has owned responsibility for several other strikes. They seem to nurse a grudge against the country’s criminal justice system.

“The innocent Muslims arrested in the (Mumbai) bomb blast case are being tried for years and years,” it says. There is no reference to Kashmir in the email. Read more of this post